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BOB's Revamped Bitcoin-Only Meetups: Inspired by BitDevs

In a stride towards further enriching the Bitcoin community in Thailand, BOB has returned with its regular meetups, now with an invigorating format inspired by the revered BitDevs. Taking place every Wednesday, the gatherings kick off promptly at 6:30 pm, with doors opening at 6:15 pm (GMT+7).

These weekly rendezvous offer a valuable opportunity for the Bitcoin community to come together, engaging in discussions that translate into actionable insights. It's a space where like-minded individuals, impassioned by the potential of Bitcoin, converge to explore, connect, and share their perspectives.

To ensure a seamless experience for all participants, here are some essential guidelines to bear in mind:

  1. Dedication to Bitcoin: These meetups are exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin. Enthusiasts of other crypto tokens, stocks, blockchains, altcoins, alternative investments, NFTs, and the like are encouraged to explore other meetups tailored to those interests.

  2. Respecting Privacy: We place a high value on privacy. Therefore, please refrain from taking photos unless all parties involved grant consent, and there are no other individuals inadvertently captured in the background. This ensures everyone feels comfortable and secure in their participation.

  3. Focused Discussions: During the events, we ask that attendees avoid engaging in side conversations while group discussions are underway. This promotes an environment where ideas can flow freely, ensuring that each voice is heard.

  4. Cleanliness Matters: After yourself, please be mindful to clean up. A tidy space ensures that everyone can enjoy the meetup in a pleasant environment.

  5. Transport: If you plan on arriving with your car or motorbike, we kindly request that you text us in advance. This helps us coordinate logistics and ensures a smooth arrival for all.

The agenda for our upcoming meetups is packed with intriguing topics that promise to stimulate thought and inspire conversation:

Topics of discussion for the 27th of September:

As an added perk, complimentary water and snacks will be provided. If you desire anything else, feel free to bring your own. Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us.

BOB's revitalized meetups, inspired by BitDevs, are poised to be a cornerstone of the Bitcoin community's growth and development. Join us every Wednesday for an evening filled with enriching discussions, networking, and a shared passion for Bitcoin's boundless potential. We can't wait to welcome you!

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